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bucky barnes i'm so done with you
we all make choices
but in the end our choices make us

Bonjour, I'm Katharina, 18 and from Germany.

I got sucked into video games within days and now I'm stuck without a chance to ever find my way out again.
Since I've been little I've been reading a shitton and also write fanfictions and stories myself, some of which I post here.
Recently I started to take an interest in comics and here I am, having gained yet another way too expensive hobby.

Seaward ho! Hang the treasure! It’s the glory of the sea that has turned my head.

he’s gone | inspired by [x]

make me choose; booker or elizabeth requested by Anonymous

how did i become the enemy // a james buchanan barnes fanmix
I will close my eyes, in three two one 
The guilty hide, the guilty run 
I’ll make you fly till the day I’m done

I. icarus 
~ michael mccann II. 100 years ~ typhoon III. bullets ~ archive IV. counting bodies like sheep… ~ a perfect circle V. iron ~ woodkid VI. my body is a cage ~ archive VII. an i for an i ~ iamx VIII. marked man ~ mieka pauley IX. devil’s backbone ~ the civil wars X. all that could have been ~ nine inch nails XI. united states of amnesia ~ motionless XII. blood stains ~ tu fawning XIII. unfound~ comaduster XIV. the noose ~ a perfect circle XV. some die young ~ laleh XVI. the enemy ~ of verona XVII. soldier on ~ the temper trap XVIII. carry on my wayward son ~ lullaby


Unfortunately, I admit, I do have a home. I have always had a home. Even if it is not apparent to me or anyone else.

Home is where the hurt is.

 Black Widow #3

make me choose; ezio auditore or connor kenway requested by faithgaming

make me choose; ezio auditore or connor kenway requested by faithgaming

aah that must be a damn fucking joke, I lost 2h of my Saints Row 4 saves. The last time I played the game crashed, great. I guess that means so gaming tonight because I don’t have the nerve to replay it atm


Cap and Bucky WIPs.

I was really disappointed in the first Cap movie but this one looks so promising I’M EXCITED.

Dishonored - The Knife of Dunwall

menu screens


connor: where is charles lee

me: where is charles vane